Sell Your Clothes at On Second Thought

We are the only consignment store in the area that keeps Computerized Inventory and Offers Detailed Sales Reports.

We pay you 50% of what your items sell for if clothing guidelines and ABC’s of Consignment are followed.

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Home of the 50/50 Split

  • Detailed printed sales reports are available
  • Better consignment for better brands
  • Accepting gently used or new items
  • We accept clothing for the entire family
  • We are accepting clothes seasonally
  • Please see our “No Thank You List” and Clothing Guidelines

ABC's of Consignment

These should be used when considering what to bring for consignment:

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Items must be less than 3 years old. Many clothing items have dates, which can be found near the tag (not the label). If you are unsure, a good rule of thumb is, if you are bringing infant clothes and your child has started kindergarten, these are considered too old!

Better Brands sell for Better Prices, so more money goes into your pocket. We have a no thank you list of brands we do not accept. We have a “No Thank You” list posted at our store. For example: adult items from stores like Rue 21, George, Dollar Store Brands, Basic Editions, and Charlotte Russe have a zero resale value. This also includes local ball teams, churches, and community t-shirts.

Most Important! ALL clothing must be clean and recently laundered. It needs to be in very good to excellent condition.

  • No visible stains or tears.
  • Have working zippers and buttons.
  • Must be free of pet hair and odors. (cooking, storage, cigarettes odors are no no’s).
  • Items that are not folded, but waded or inside out will not be processed, nor will items with pet hair.

No Thank You List

Saying “no thank you” to unusable items is one of the most difficult parts of our job. It is not meant to be a personal insult or a reflection on you or your items. In order to maintain the 50 percent split, it is recommended you DO NOT include these items in your drop off. Instead, donate them to an outreach of your choice.

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  • No clothing that was purchased more than 2-3 years ago. 
  • No ball tees, VBS, destination tees, and nothing with dates.
  • No monogramed items.
  • No scarfs.
  • No dollar store brands, such as Bobbie Brooks, DDQ Darling, Swiggles. Fred’s Kids. Danskin.
  • Store brands not accepted are: No Boundaries, George, White Stag, Terra Sky, Cato, Rue 21, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and sadly LuLaRoe has very low resale value.
    • However, we do accept some of these brands in PLUS sizes.

Due to limited space and VERY LOW re-sale value, these items are not accepted for resale. If these items are included, they will be automatically DONATED at our discretion.

  • We do accept infant and kids’ clothes purchased from Walmart.
  • We offer higher percentages on Matilda Jane and Ric Rac and Ruffle.

Clothing Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to help you better understand the consignment process and our requirements to ensure you make the most money for your items. Please understand these guidelines are for your benefit as well as ours. Getting them processed efficiently and on the sales floor faster results in quicker sales! It is our hope to sell ALL your items, rather than sorting unusable items and making donation runs.

We ask that your items be:

  1. Freshly laundered and sorted.
  2. Current style.
  3. All clothing with stains, tears, or too much wash wear are not included.
  4. Must have all buttons, snaps and working zippers.
  5. Clothing MUST be right side out (not inside out).
  • Following CDC recommendations, sealed containers are suggested.  A plastic tote with a lid works best (preferably labeled with your name and phone number), this tote will be returned to you (hopefully empty, if guidelines are followed) and can be used for consignment drop offs again and again!
  • We no longer accept cardboard boxes or diaper boxes. Rubbermaid totes or laundry baskets are preferred over garbage bags. However, bags will still be accepted but they must be within the guidelines given.  We will open these bags and check upon arrival!
  • We accept clothing by season!
  • Please lay your items flat in the tote or folded neatly. Preferably laid flat and stacked for quicker handling. Matching outfits must be folded together. Single onesies, bibs, socks and bows, must be bundled together and in a Ziplock bag.
  • We also accept Purses and shoes. (Shoes must be recently washed, including sneakers and cleats).
  • We accept Infant and nursery Items, as well as Toys.  Both MUST be CLEAN, have working BATTERIES and ALL the pieces!

After sorting, please bring us your better items.  We will do the pricing, hanging and selling. We will pay you up to 50% of the selling price after the item sells, if guidelines are followed. 

  • Please be aware unsorted/unsellable drop offs may be subject to a sorting fee and/or donation fee, in addition to lowering the percentage paid.

If you choose to have your unsellable items returned to you, then you must make an appointment and have them sorted while you wait in the store!