Sell Your Clothes at On Second Thought

We are the only consignment store in the area that keeps Computerized Inventory and Offers Detailed Sales Reports.

We pay you 50% of what your items sell for if clothing guidelines and ABC’s of Consignment are followed.

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Home of the 50/50 Split

  • Detailed printed sales reports are available
  • Better consignment for better brands
  • Accepting gently used or new items
  • We accept clothing for the entire family
  • We are accepting clothes seasonally
  • Please see our "No Thank You List" at the store

Clothing Guidelines:

  • Clothing must be gently used
  • Clothing must be stain free and freshly laundered
  • Clothing must be presorted
  • Unsellable items must be removed
  • Clothing must be neatly folded in a tote or bag

ABC's of Consignment

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Items must less than 3 years old. Many clothing items have dates on the tag, if you are unsure. A good rule of thumb – if you are bringing infant clothes and your child started school this year, the clothing is probably too old.

Better brands sell for better prices – putting more money in your pocket. We have a “No Thank You” list posted at our store. For example: adult items from stores like Rue 21, George, Dollar Store Brands, Basic Editions, and Charlotte Russe have a zero resale value. This also includes local ball teams, churches, and community t-shirts.

This matters! Clothing MUST be clean and in very good to excellent condition. Remove unsaleable items that have visible stains and wear. Must be FREE of pet hair and odors. We appreciate freshly laundered! 

Consignor Benefits

We use a Computerized Consignment Program created specifically for Consignors. This allows us to better manage Consignor Accounts & Merchandise by cutting down on errors and providing online functionality.

For our Consignors, we provide:

  • Electronically controlled inventory
  • Amounts items sell for
  • Details about remaining or unsold items
  • Better return and donation options
  • Detailed reporting & consistent pricing
  • Online consignment balance availability